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Link popularity

State Factory is an all new Link building Service

Basically a website's link popularity is the total number of websites that a search engines knows about, that links to your website.

Link popularity is very important as it can dramatically increase the amount of visitors you get to your website in more ways than one.

1.Links are placed on other websites so that browsers and potential buyers of your product / service can click the link to your website.
2.Search Engines look at this as recommendation. The more links you have coming in to your website will increase your link popularity thus improve your search engine rankings. Please be sure that the websites that link to yours are of relevant content.
You can check your link popularity with our link popularity checker. If you are not as high on the search engines as you would like then you will need to look at improving you link popularity along with looking at on page seo solutions and search engine optimisation.

The ideal model for good link popularity and backlinks is for a website with a high Google PageRank and of relevant content to link to you. They should use a normal text link and include the phrase you would like to be found under in the link. This link should also be titled tagged.




Effective one way backlinks from trustworthy sources

Links from Major, niche and general directory submissions
Article marketing that provide SEO links and traffic
Link baiting, creating a network of back links through attraction