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What are relevant links?

A link is deemed relevant if it comes from a similar market domain, for example, a travel web site has a page dedicated to travel insurance this page then has a link to an insurance company providing travel insurance.  The search engine deems this to be relevant to travel insurance and so will rank the insurance company higher for that term.  The travel sites web page will also deliver targeted traffic to the insurance company’s web site for those people looking for travel insurance.

It is possible to pay for links from certain web sites, however this is being deemed more and more as spam by the search engines, as Matt Cutts described recently when explaining why a web site had been kicked out of the Google rankings.   So make sure you avoid link farms that provide your web site with x number of links from a web page that only contains 100’s of links.




Effective one way backlinks from trustworthy sources

Links from Major, niche and general directory submissions
Article marketing that provide SEO links and traffic
Link baiting, creating a network of back links through attraction