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Link building strategies

State Factory can undertake and implement your Link building strategies

The question of theme is one we have been studying for four years. It is flawed. Theme links are for users or people traffic. Links in an SEO sense are for Google and it bots.

We have concrete evidence to back up this claim. Examples of websites that we manage ranking highly for competitve keywords.

This being true, why is your link building strategy based on theme?

State Factory is making the assumption that your company's link building (or the SEO Agency you employ to implement your strategy) has not had the desired effect.

State Factory - Link Building Strategies

Our strategies start with research. If a goal of a high Google ranking for a keyword is set, how many links are required. That information is availble from reasrching a number of set criteria.

Secondly, what level of link strenght (sometimes called link juice or Google juice)


Effective one way backlinks from trustworthy sources

Links from Major, niche and general directory submissions
Article marketing that provide SEO links and traffic
Link baiting, creating a network of back links through attraction